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100-Tab Digital Notebook | Plain, Lined, Grid, Dot

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This kit contains four 100-Tab Digital Notebooks - 1 plain, 1 lined, 1 dot, and 1 grid - in green shades.

The Notebooks have been designed to keep the navigation to a minimum, giving you plenty of space for note taking. 

The side tabs show 20 tabs at a time. Tap the up arrow at the top of the numbered tabs to see the previous 20 or the down arrow at the bottom of the numbered tabs to see the next 20.

Each notebook contains a Contents Page, Section Dividers, an A-to-Z Index Page, and a Page Template section.

The Templates include a space to note the number of the section the page is inserted into.

The kit includes:

* 4 PDF 100-Tab Digital Notebooks.

* Each notebook contains 34 Page Templates, included in the notebook so they are easy to duplicate and insert anywhere you need them

* 150 Digital Note Stickers - 25 styles in 6 colours including lined, dots, grid, hexagonal, square, portrait, landscape and long. These are supplied precropped for GoodNotes by colour and as individual PNGs;

* plus 30 Digital Covers.

NOTE: This is a digital product. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SENT.


* Tabs to the Content, Index and Templates 

* Hyperlinked Tabs linking to section dividers.

* Tabs show 20 at a time. Tap the down arrow to go to the next 20 tabs or the up arrow to go to the previous 20 tabs.

* When you are in a section, the Tab is highlighted so you know which section you are in.

* You are just one or two taps away from any page in your notebook.

* The index makes it quick and easy to keep track of key terms, names, diagrams or important facts by page number.


* There are 34 page templates.

* Includes: full and half-page lined, grid, hexagonal, isometric, and dots, Cornell in different styles, columns, mindmaps, Venn diagrams, and 4, 6, 7, 12 block layouts.


* stickers supplied as individual png files and also a pre-cropped GoodNotes sticker sheets (by individual colour, to keep the file size down).


* The notebooks come with a choice of 30 covers in two styles.


Digital Notebooks (x4) (PDF).

Stickers (individual PNG files).

Sticker Sheets (GoodNotes file)*.

Covers (PDF book).

*Stickers come pre-cropped in GoodNotes books. If you don’t use GoodNotes, they also come as individual PNGs.


Compatible with:



Windows or Apple

Apps: Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Samsung Notes

NOT Compatible with:


Remarkable 2


NOT suitable for printing. I designed this to be a tiny file size, which makes it fast and efficient on your device. The resolution is not suitable for printing.


All Simply Plan and Do artwork and designs are for personal use only. You may not resell, in part or whole, and are not allowed to use for commercial usage under penalty of intellectual property theft prosecution. You may not share these files with anyone - they are for your own personal use only.

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