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My Background

I’ve been ‘playing around’ online for nearly 30 years. Yes, the Internet was around back then!

Although that ages me somewhat, I knew I’d found my place in the world of work when I set up my first website all those years ago.

Digital Design

Frustrated with trying to fit my style into existing digital products, I started to design my own.

I started learning Adobe products many years ago, and have now added Affinity software to my toolkit (which I love).

These tools allow me to design and optimise digital planners, notebooks and accessories the way I love to use them - fast navigation with a clean and instinctive UI.

Putting it All Together

Fast forward to today, and all that experience has been pulled together to form Simply Plan and Do. Here, you’ll find my best tips, tutorials and digital products to help you enter and flourish in the world of digital planning.